Webaudit is one of our main skills. We will analyze your web presence and we will make improvement proposals.

The webaudit will comprise the following aspects:


– online presence

– usability

– functionality

– design

– content

– opportunities.

The cost for such audit depends from site to site.

Estimated time until completion: 3 working days.

The job completion will consist in delivery of a written report + a presentation of about 1-2hours, to support the findings and proposals (for Bucharest clients, the presentation will be live, for the rest of the clients we will discuss via phone, Skype or Yahoo Messenger)

1.    SEO analysis.
A very careful analysis of all onsite and offsite SEO elements. Urls, titles, meta, keywords optimization, incoming links, outgoing links, etc. Based on this document, you will know what you have to do to maximize the benefit from the Google and other search engines.
2.    SEM opportunities analysis.
SEO is good but it’s on medium and long term. If you want instant results, SEM is the solution. We can give you a comprehensive analysis if it’s worth or not to go to SEM, estimated benefits and efforts.
3.    Usability analysis
Bringing people to your site is the first step. But if they cannot find exactly what they want, when they want, if your site is not intuitive, and then your marketing efforts are in vain. Having this analysis will definitely improve your conversion rates, your visitors’ happiness and stickiness.
4.    Graphic analysis.
It’s been said the “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. But after countless websites developed, redeveloped and optimized, we can bring you some very good insides to increase site overall results and brand indicators.
5.    Functionality analysis
If something is not working properly in your site, your revenues will be hit directly. From 404 pages until slow loading speed, to html validation, all these have impact from how you site is seen by google and by visitors.
6.    Credibility analysis
Main reason why somebody is not buying from you on the internet is that it does not trust you. We can tell you how to make your site be as credible as possible. Visitors will feel comfortable and buy and recommend you.
7.    Value analysis
The consumer experience has 7 component elements, “value” being one of the most important. Do your visitors see your site as an added value? Will they recommend you to their friends or not. Find out how to boost your perceived value.
8.    Online presence analysis
Are you doing online PR? Do people know about you? Do you have a consistent image? Learn how to improve this aspect.
9.    Loyalty analysis
Keeping a client is several times more cheaper then getting a new one. Not to mention that a loyal client will act as a brand ambassador for you, bringing you other clients and more awareness. This analysis is gold for you, because it will help boost the incomes, in a solid growth.

If you are interested in a web audit, contact us now.