We can make your phone ring! Yes. That’s too bad you have a site and it is not visited. We can get your site visited by people using search engines. And the good news is that everybody is using search engines to look for something.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

– we help you get leads or qualified traffic from Google, Bing, Facebook and other CPC suppliers

Costs are split in 3:

– costs of clicks. We suggest an amount, you decide. We can start from $400 (300 eur) and sky is the limit. The payment can be done to us or directly to the suppliers.

– fee. We charge 20% of the clicks budget, but no less then $250/month.

– developing customized landing pages, to increase conversion rate.

Kuantero is Google Partner

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

– onsite improvements: almost always we can find improvements areas in your sites. Call us to point those to you. If you want, we can also fix them, make them perfect SEO friendly.

– offsite improvements. We can make your site get links from external sites. We’ll set a monthly fee (min $500), and within that fee we’ll send you each month the new generated references.

If you are interested in a SEM/SEO offer, contact us now.