Kuantero is part of a group of companies that are focused on helping worldwide clients sell more using web technologies (mobile, websites, platforms, CRM, ERP, LMS, etc.).


Facts on Kuantero:

1. From all our clients, 95% of them come back again and again. And 100% recommend us! This because we provide them ROI.

2. We work mainly for clients from USA and Europe and we have also our own projects.

3. We set up in November 2008.

4. The founders are Constantin “Noro” Ferseta and Alina Ferseta.

5. We have 18+ years experience in e-marketing (from 1998).

6. We offer solutions on how to sell more with the help of Internet and mobile technology.

7. Everything we propose has attached ROI. We are a small company and we care about recommendations.

8. The team is composed from top Romanian programmers, designers, project managers – all with experience and hundreds of projects in portfolio.

9. Need help? Call us. It won’t cost you a thing a first discussion. 🙂

We guarantee ROI!


About the founders:

Constantin “Noro” Ferseta:

– work: he is working since 15 y.o. in various fields, starting from the bottom: door-2-door salesman, construction worker, buildings sanitation, etc. At 19 y.o. he get a job as sales rep at Mediafax. Internships at Reuters, Dun&Bradstreet. After that, marketing manager at Dataline Computers, Dunarea Leasing. CEO Romactiv. 5 years in Coca-Cola Romania, starting as marketing trainee, going through brand management and finally managing e-marketing over Coca-Cola Adriatic and Balkans Region (9 countries). Marketing & Development Manager at Neogen (leading player in Balkans). Since 2008 entrepreneur and Kuantero CEO.

– education: Economic High School Ploiesti, Commerce/Marketing Faculty ASE Bucharest, master in e-Business, doctorate at Economic Informatics.

– author or many articles, speaker in internet related conferences, trainer of e-marketing.


Alina Ferseta:

– work: Alina has a great work experience since high school. She was involved mainly in media and banking system, managing the marketing activity for Volksbank Romania. Since 2012 is focusing on our charity/hobby project, StartEvo, by changing destinies through practical education. www.StartEvo.com

Alina Ferseta

Kuantero Core Team

George "Jonny" Mihalache

George “Jonny” Mihalache – Programming Guru

Mihai Ghita

Mihai Ghita – Drupal Guru

Andras Szilagyi

Andras Szilagyi – Php, Drupal, WordPress, Android

Doru Tirlea

Doru Tirlea – Php, Drupal, Magento, iOS

Emanuel Grigoras

Emanuel Grigoras – Project Manager Guru